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Post  dragofan010 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:09 pm

Chat Log Diaries: Duke
Day 372, Hour 23
Today was the official day. I became chief of this new organization. They said they looked up my past cases, but that wasn't enough to explain why to me they voted me as the new chief.
This place is amazing, especially my new office. It has a window with an ocean view, a television and radio, a laptop (personal and business), everything you'd ever want!
This new crime-preventing organization, the CPO, has been a hit since it was founded 25 years ago. There are on-scene officers, scientists, and medics in this organization. It was founded, as it's name would suggest, to prevent crime from happening as best as it could.
There's a strange thing, though. On the 365th day, people started disappearing. Brawlers, all of them had a record of being treated here. It was odd, I found it odd. Just earlier this morning, though, I was attacked when helping a kid out. I think it was the kidnappers from the recent disappearings! Don't ask me, I just have a gut feeling that is the case. Now I have to try to find who these people are, rescue the ones taken, and try to protect this little kid from being taken as well.

Yeah, I know. That was probably a confusing intro. I beg your pardon for that. Let me just rephrase what I said above. 372 days ago, Duke became the chief of a new organization that helps stop crimes. Recently, people started being kidnapped, he believes. Now it's his job to stop the kidnappings and protect a kid he feels may be their target.

Rules: Same as usual. If you don't know them, check my other topics.
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